Maryland Ghosts & Spirits

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Hanging Hole

In the Pocomoke Forest is a house that has a history of a man being lynched. People say that the man spirit roams the area and that he can be seen on moonlit nights.

Baltimore School of Massage

Wild field swings indicate much activity.

The people who work late at the school hear voices of ghostly spirits. The building seems to be haunted by many ghosts.

One of the ghosts in the front part of the school likes to make a thumping sound. This ghost has drained the batteries in ghost hunting equipment when groups come to investigate. The ghost followed one investigator out of the building and caused an EMF detector gauge to swing back and forth quickly before killing the battery.

The building at one time was the social security office where people came to file for death benefits.

Assateague Island Ghosts

It's not just for the horses!

Many ships have sunk off the coast of Asseteauge Island and Ocean City.

Witchcraft and Molly Dyer

    part of Old Jail Museum, St. Mary's County Historical Society

Beware the quiet ones

An 875-pound boulder sits in front of the Historical Society in Leonardtown. Molly Dyer, the accused witch, was found with her hand frozen to this rock after she was driven from her home on one of the coldest nights of the year --the townsfolk had burned down her cabin. Molly froze to death that night, and she was found with her hand frozen onto the rock. When they removed her body, the impressions of her knees and hands were left at the scene, firmly etched in the rock. This happened more than three hundred years ago and you can still see her hand-print on the rock.

Molly's cabin was located in an area that is now known as Molly Dyer's Run. Her ghostly apparition has been seen floating over the land near where she had lived. The large boulder was moved in 1975 to the front of the Historical Society Jail Museum. People report feeling uncomfortable around the rock, sometimes complaining about aches and pains. Camera malfunctions are often reported around the rock.

The Jail Museum is located at Business Route 5 at 41625 Old Courthouse Drive in Leonardtown. FMI 301-475-2467 or see

Pemberton Manor

"One worth checking"

Details unknown

Howard Chapel Rd

    part of Sunshine/Unity area

Howard Chapel Rd bridge over the Patuxent River

There is a family cemetery located 1/4 from the bridge along Howard Chapel Rd at Elton Farm Rd. Used between 1892-1939, about 18 grave sites are there. By the dates on the tombstones, there are lots of young people burried there. I have heard by several people that have seen things near the bridge down the road. There are no houses around & very little traffic. I was there last night doing a training drill & had a feeling of being watched the whole time. It's very very dark there at night. There is a parking area next to the bridge.

Cherry House

Old Farm Lane

Maggie's Bridge

Maggie walks alone

The bridge is haunted by a woman named Maggie. She has been seen walking down the road to the creek. People experience strange things with their cars while in the area: stalling and rough starting.

Darress Theater

An old theater still sings

The theater had been closed for many years. It was later bought (1990's) and turned into a childrens' theater.

Laura wood Nursing Home

Reports of ghostly apparitions have been seen roaming one hallway and also near the therapy room at the end.

Reports of ghostly apparitions have been seen roaming one hallway and also near the therapy room at the end. Residents have also reported "someone pounding on windows" throughout the facility.

Claggett (William) Family Cemetery

Williams Family Cemetery

Light at Maco Station

    part of North Carolina Spook Lights

Frantic, visual "echoes" of a past tragedy

A following train collides with an accidentally separated caboose, despite the signalman's frantic lantern waving. Phantom lights began soon after the accident and have been seen fairly regularly since.

McMillan Hotel

Children's Cemetery

Chehae Gravity Hill

Pace Hall

    part of Troy State University

Desert View High School


Hicks Road

School House

Securitas Security

Lake Tahoe

Raymond Fire Station

Hollywood Sign and Griffith observatory

Monrovia High School

Robert Luis Stevenson House

Old Hospital / Elementary School

Indian Burial Grounds

    part of Camp Far West Lake

The Gates of Hell

Boys and Girls club

Space Launch Complex 5 (SLICK 5)

Schulman Theater

    part of Bryan College Station

Old Caddo Indian museum

Pirtle Cemetery


Fort Nathan Hale

Trinity Church

Old School for the Deaf

Pirate's House Restaurant

Schofield Barracks

Ghost Car

Amityville House

Sanctuary Golf Course

Arcada Theatre

St. John's parking lot

Kamola Hall

    part of Central Washington University

Sand Ridge Junior High

Art City Playhouse (previously the Villa theater)

Check-ins & Findings +

  • Luficer -- 9 Dec 2015 -- A group of ten met in Ellicott City for fresh-roasted coffee, dessert and exploration of various spiritual topics. Details
  • Thistle Mill at Ilchester, Md. -- 4 Nov 2015 -- Quick jaunt to site of infamous paperworks, spirit sightings, gruesome deaths, poisonous chemicals, strange goings-on, long dark interest. Numerous photos of the now demolished (and excavated) mill and surrounding area. Liz' rods were wildly communicative (as usual), this time with a spirit identifying itself as "BZZ". We wonder if this was the suicidal Robert Buzzard identified by Lonster in his investigations of the mill. See the old report in EGQ1

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