Maryland Ghosts & Spirits

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Loch Raven Reservoir

UFO sighting

On October 26, 1958 at 10:30 PM, near the Lock Raven Dam, north of Baltimore, Maryland, two men were traveling in a car. As they approached a bridge, they saw what appeared to be a flattened out egg-shaped object hovering approximately 100-150 feet from the top of the bridge.

Claryville Inn

Once for elites, then a Civil War hospital, now haunted.

Just outside of Cumberland, a former inn for elites and the well-to-do was transformed into a hospital during the Civil War. Things haven't been the same since.

Cosden Farm Murders

Brutal killings leave much behind.

The Cosden family was murdered in their home by a burglar in 1851. The entire family was killed.

VictoriAnn Bed & Breakfast

Zieber-Schwenk Burial Ground

This is called "America's First Ghost Story" by author Charles J. Adams III.

Hollinger Field House

    part of West Chester University

Junior College of Albany

A former childrens' sanitarium retains young spirits

The Fine Arts building located on Albany Campus is known to be haunted by a number of ghosts. The ghostly apparitions have been heard in the building. The sounds of voices and footsteps have been heard. The building was once a Childrens' Sanitarium. Some people believe the ghosts are some of the children from the facility.

The Hermitage

Old Homestead

They keep watch there

The house is haunted by ghostly spirits that keep a watch over the house. The ghost has been heard breathing on the stairs. The ghost has been seen walking across the yard of this historic house.

Slopes of Ski Wing

Apparitions criss-cross the trails

The ski slopes of Ski Wing are haunted by ghostly apparitions which have been spotted crossing the paths, faintly and ethereal, wearing ski equipment. The sound of children crying is also heard.

Chandler School

This school closed in 1991.

This school closed in 1991. It is said to be haunted by a janitor who was killed by a board which fell from some height in a lower level of the school.

Hempstone Family Cemetery

Beall Slave Cemetery

Abbeville Opera House

Host of significant performances, despite haunted "negro balcony"

Dating from 1908, the Abbeville Opera House hosted significant touring companies from New York to Atlanta and in the process gained much notoriety and history.

Hudson House

Covered Bridge

Pinson United Methodist Church

Bear Creek Swamp

The Gadsden Hotel

Globe High School

Galloway Hall

    part of Hendrix College

Zelda's Lagend

Covina High School

Lisser Hall

    part of Mills College

Questhaven Asylum

    part of San Marcos / Elfin Forest

Women's Club

Ferris Mansion


Victoria's Black Swan Inn

Commerce Hubbel Hall

    part of Texas A&M University

Building 4

Greathouse Cemetery

Lady in White

The Housing Office

    part of Angelo State University

Diamond Oaks

Moodus Lake

Cedar Hill Metal Institution

Tiger Trl.

Jupiter Lighthouse

Old Ritz Carlton

Publix 528

Wahiawa middle school

Morris-Aux Sable Cemetery

Aux Sable Cemetery

Glastenberry Mountain

Nisqually Middle School

Stanwood Museum

Thorp cemetery

Big Cottonwood Canyon

Scales Lake

Check-ins & Findings +

  • Luficer -- 9 Dec 2015 -- A group of ten met in Ellicott City for fresh-roasted coffee, dessert and exploration of various spiritual topics. Details
  • Thistle Mill at Ilchester, Md. -- 4 Nov 2015 -- Quick jaunt to site of infamous paperworks, spirit sightings, gruesome deaths, poisonous chemicals, strange goings-on, long dark interest. Numerous photos of the now demolished (and excavated) mill and surrounding area. Liz' rods were wildly communicative (as usual), this time with a spirit identifying itself as "BZZ". We wonder if this was the suicidal Robert Buzzard identified by Lonster in his investigations of the mill. See the old report in EGQ1

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