Maryland Ghosts & Spirits

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Pocomoke Forest

An ancient wood shrouds old legends.

The Eastern shore has a long history of haunting and ghostly tales. This area had a huge furnace where slaves had to work long hard hours. Many people believe that the ghost of slaves still haunts this area.

Ghost of Silver Run

An apparition that launches into the sky.

O'Flannery, like many others, simply didn't believe the wily tales of the seasoned engineers when they chided about the Ghost of Silver Run. But, like most things, all it takes is one time.

Hewick Bed and Breakfast

Rich history makes for a most haunted plantation.

This place is a 326-year-old plantation house that has been converted into a bed and breakfast inn. It is owned and run by 11th-generation descendants of its founder. It sits on 66 picturesque acres on the Rappahannock River.

The plantation of course has a family cemetery that is located on the land. There are artifacts that have been found on an archaeological dig on site. It is known as one of the most haunted houses in Virginia. The residents of the house have heard the sound of unexplained noises and smelled the inexplicable scent of sweet tobacco. At least seven spirits haunt the house.

Mountaineer Opry House

A gifted ghost

The Mountaineer Opry House is haunted by a ghostly apparition that likes to play the banjo. People have heard the sound of the banjo playing on the stage and in the rehearsal room, which is quite a feat given that there is no performer physically present at those times. Reportedly, the ghost is quite a gifted player.

Welch Library

    part of Johns Hopkins Institute

An eerie presence amongst old medical texts.

The Library was founded in 1929. Dr. Welch was the first Director. Dr. Welch and others involved with the building of the library endeavored to create a place to keep medical history. The library was to be a place where the most current medical information would be available as well as historical information. Its Historical Collection is presently the best in the country. The library has some medical texts that are over six hundred years old.

Dr. Welch put his heart into the library and he was proud of what was accomplished. People believe that Dr. Welch is still keeping an eye on the library even after his death. People claim that they can feel his presence in the Library. People have on occasion claimed that they saw Dr. Welch's ghostly apparition in the building.

Leithsville Inn

Bunting Freedom House

Cascade Lodge

La Vale Toll Gate House

The first Toll Gate House on the National Road

The Cumberland or National Road was constructed, using federal funds, to link Cumberland, Maryland, with the Ohio River (1811-1818). It became the principal transportation artery to the trans-Appalachian West. Ownership of the road was turned over to the individual states, and shortly after accepting its portion, Maryland's legislature established a rate schedule and began building toll-houses. The La Vale Toll Gate House was the first such structure to be erected.

Heather's Pool Hall

Not long ago a girl was raped and murdered on the steps of the pool hall.

Not long ago a girl was raped and murdered on the steps of the pool hall. Walking up those steps sometimes gives a cold chill on warm summer nights.

Private residence

Ghost Child

Unknown ghost of a child and possibly others. Minor potergeist activity in a private residence.

Offutt (James) Family Cemetery

Cooke Family Cemetery

Hawlings River Chapel of Ease Cemetery

Bridge in Refuge

Woodland Hospital

The Foundry

The White Lady of Wagerville

Maricopa Point

    part of Grand Canyon National Park

Blue-Ridge High School

Galloway Hall

    part of Hendrix College

Contra Costa Pioneer Inn

The Queen Mary

Sailor Bar / American River

Antique Underground

Trinity Episcopal Church

Sonoma State Hospital

McKnay Museum


Bailey's Prairie

United High School

Harlingen Insane Asylum

Jackson Lake

Springcreek and Ave. M Cemetery

Sun Set Mall

The Lighthouse Inn

Little Ruth Church Road Cemetery

Kelly's bar

Riverside Cemetery

River Walk Downtown

David Malu/Boys Dormitory

    part of Lahainaluna High School

Options Exchange Building

Pershing Preserve

Grasse Mount House

    part of University of Vermont

Graystone Inn

Fletcher School of Dance

University of Puget Sound

Capitol Theatre

St. Paul's School

The Indiana Memorial Union

    part of Indiana University Bloomington

Check-ins & Findings +

  • Luficer -- 9 Dec 2015 -- A group of ten met in Ellicott City for fresh-roasted coffee, dessert and exploration of various spiritual topics. Details
  • Thistle Mill at Ilchester, Md. -- 4 Nov 2015 -- Quick jaunt to site of infamous paperworks, spirit sightings, gruesome deaths, poisonous chemicals, strange goings-on, long dark interest. Numerous photos of the now demolished (and excavated) mill and surrounding area. Liz' rods were wildly communicative (as usual), this time with a spirit identifying itself as "BZZ". We wonder if this was the suicidal Robert Buzzard identified by Lonster in his investigations of the mill. See the old report in EGQ1

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