Maryland Ghosts & Spirits

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SAE Fraternity House

Torso ghosts are extraordinarily creepy.

The SAE Fraternity House is haunted by ghostly soldiers who have been seen by several people. Residents have heard strange noises that can not be explained, including the sounds of footsteps walking throughout the building. Some ghostly apparitions of the soldiers appear only in part, most often they do not have legs. These ghosts have been seen floating through the room of the building.

Keith Albee Theater

Powder room companion

An overwhelming feeling of a strange presence is reportedly often felt on the stairway to the ladies' room. Upon entering the stairway, a presence is felt. It follows to the powder room, but it does not enter the stalls. Good thing, that.

Mahood Hall

    part of Bluefield State College

Tireless soul.

A young girl is known to haunt the old hallways and basement of the hall.

Lord Baltimore Hotel

The taller they are, the further they fall.

Many men jumped to their deaths. It is said that these poor souls continue to haunt the hotel. The hotel has rooms that strange occurences to the point that several rooms are now closed to the public.

Duda's Fells Point Tavern

Doc lived upstairs for decades.

Duda's Bar is a Fells Point tavern that is located on the corner of Thames and Bond. Duda's bar is a three-story rowhouse with a rich history. It was built in the 1850s as the Union Hotel. In the 1880s it was the headquarters for the Maryland Bay Pilots Association. Later on it became a seamens' chapel and rooming house. A tavern was built in the first floor after Prohibition ended.

Bent Elbo Tavern

Joseph Ambler Inn

Crayhay Mansion

Winterwood -- Rio Grande Location

Fiddler's Hill

The ghost of a young man haunts the hill at Rabbit's Ferry.

The legends say that a young man, a fiddler, decided to scare away a rival who was trying to take his girl. He climbed a very tall tree and made frightening noises with his fiddle. His plan worked and the rival suitor ran away. When the fiddler began to climb down he fell from some height, broke his neck and died. That hill, some say, is still haunted by the fiddler. The sounds of a screeching fiddle can be sometimes heard.

State Theatre

The ghost of old man "Fred" has been seen walking in the balcony and across the stage.

The ghost of old man "Fred" has been seen walking in the balcony and across the stage.

First Evangelical Lutheran Church

A wonderful old church, now a private residence


famiily home of General Anthony Wayne

Female visitors to the house have heard sobbing sounds coming from the attic as well as the sound of shattering glass, but these are not heard by male visitors. One of the more recent occurrences was reported in 1997, when the site manager of the house told the Main Line Today magazine that she had awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of a woman sobbing in the attic and of glass breaking.

According to local tradition, Hannah Wayne, who had resided in the house in the mid-1800's had been alone in the house doing her chores, and had gotten stuck in the trap door into the attic. Though she managed to free herself, she knocked over a candle in the process and ignited her dress. In a state of panic, she rushed to the nearest window and kicked out the glass, hoping that someone would then be able to hear her screams. She succumbed tot he flames moments later.

The house is currently under the control of Chester County for historic preservation and is listed as a historic landmark.

Forest Lawn Cemetery

An apparition of a woman in a white dress has been reported walking through the cemetery at night.

An apparition of a woman in a white dress has been reported walking through the cemetery at night. She pauses at various tombstones and gazes off into the distance.

Seal Family Cemetery

Unknown Family Cemetery

Rock Ford Plantation

18th century home of General Edward Hand

Edward Hand served his country during the Revolution, then he built this home in 1794. Washington visited him there. Haunted by members of the Hand family.

Norton Auditorium

    part of Florence University of North Alabama Area

Parkwood Apartments on 4th Ave South in Birmingham

Gadsden Public Library

Catalina High School

Calico Mines

Old Camarillo State Hospital

Brendan Theaters 14

The Fox Theater Building

Calico Ghost Town

NAS Miramar

Bella Maggiore Hotel

Rivera High School

Sterne-Hoya House

Gated House

Wise Auditorium

    part of Tyler Junior College

Tanglewood Townhouses

Hale Homestead

Tabu Night Club


Abbot Mansion

Rose Cemetery


Loonis McGlohan Theatre

The Lynching Grove

Hilton Hawaii Village

Ax-Man's House

South Henderson Church

Legend of Green Lantern Road

Mayo House


Cry Baby Bridge

Diana Of The Dunes

Hanover College

Check-ins & Findings +

  • Luficer -- 9 Dec 2015 -- A group of ten met in Ellicott City for fresh-roasted coffee, dessert and exploration of various spiritual topics. Details
  • Thistle Mill at Ilchester, Md. -- 4 Nov 2015 -- Quick jaunt to site of infamous paperworks, spirit sightings, gruesome deaths, poisonous chemicals, strange goings-on, long dark interest. Numerous photos of the now demolished (and excavated) mill and surrounding area. Liz' rods were wildly communicative (as usual), this time with a spirit identifying itself as "BZZ". We wonder if this was the suicidal Robert Buzzard identified by Lonster in his investigations of the mill. See the old report in EGQ1

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