Maryland Ghosts & Spirits

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Alliance Furnace

An old furnace gives way.

One local legend has it that part of this old furnace gave way, collapsing in a half-molten fiery inferno onto one hapless Jack Lee Sommers.

Unfortunately for Jack, the mishap didn't take him out all at once. The lava-like rock pile only simultaneously cremated and crushed his left leg. Time and infection did all the rest.

Wood Mountain

What did they do?

This is an area where 132 confederate soldiers were executed. Their ghostly apparitions have been seen in the area.

Cardinal Gibbons School

The building was once the St. Mary's Industrial School, which Babe Ruth attended when he was a child.

The building was once the St. Mary's Industrial School, which Babe Ruth attended when he was a child. Teachers have reported seeing his ghost in the building. The school's Athletic Director has had strange things happen to him in the building. He was in the basement of the gym late one when he heard a ball bouncing upstairs. When he got upstairs he found all the lights were on but no one was in the building.

Cosden Farm Murders

Brutal killings leave much behind.

The Cosden family was murdered in their home by a burglar in 1851. The entire family was killed.

Forest Hill Railroad Station

Tombstone as a step? Bad plan.

This train station was built in 1914; passenger service was discontinued in 1954.

B. Maxwell's Restaurant and Victorian Pub

Angel of the Sea Bed & Breakfast

Lesley Manor

The Fox Load

The Fox Load at Lesly Manor is haunted by a ghostly apparition which is very active, day and night. The ghost is the spirit of Jane Lesley (wife of Dr. Allan Vorhees Lesley). They built the mansion house.

The house is also haunted by Dr. Allan who makes an appearances from time to time.

Omni Shoreham Hotel

Two uncommon deaths in the Presidential Suite

Two mysterious deaths occurred in the Presidential Suite of the Omni Shoreham hotel.

The first death took place in 1930. The executive housekeeper, Juliette Brown, died in that room. She was staying in the suite along with the owner of the hotel and his family. She woke up feeling very sick at 4:00 am. She died when she was dialing the phone for help.

Industrial Solvents and Chemical Company

Roberge School

Erie County Home and Infirmary

Lights and a figure haunt the vacant upstairs

The third floor of this almshouse is known to be haunted. The workers there have heard noises upstairs even when the building is vacant. People have seen a ghostly man standing looking out of an upstairs window. Lights have been seen on even without electricity on the floor.

Bloody Mary's House

Every town has one... in Lawrence, NY it's called Bloody Mary's House.

Every town has one... in Lawrence, NY it's called Bloody Mary's House. The site is what's left of an old brick house or outbuilding of some sort - and there isn't much left. It's basically just a crumbling brick staircase leading down to a dank, musty, cobweb-filled cement-walled chamber with Satanic-style messages scrawled all over the place.
In the 1980's the place had the reputation of being the place where some big bad mojo went down - devil worship and the like.

Young (Richard) Family

Wesley Union Methodist Church Cemetery

Saint Paul's Cemetery

Bridgeport High School

Highview Elementary School

Warrior River Bridge

Old Charter Hospital

The Tower Room

    part of Rose Victorian Inn

The Quad

    part of Bakersfield High School

Baldwin Park High

Knott's Berry Farm

Old Hospital / Elementary School

The Zamperini Stadium area

Agaard Road

Old OIT on Old Fort Road

Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center

Edison High School

Rudy park


St. Joseph Convent

Stratford Booth Memorial Park

Noah Webster House

Union Park Elementary

Sage Hill Bed and Breakfast

Cheatham Hill

    part of Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield

Dry Creek Cemetery

Woodstock Opera House

Glastenberry Mountain

Pharr Mansion

Kenan Girls Dormitory

    part of Louisburg College

Roche Harbor Resort

Gog-li-hi-ti Wetlands

Movie Theater

    part of Clearfield Job Corps Center

Old Riverton Elementary

Main Street Bridge

Maud Hughes Rd.

Check-ins & Findings +

  • Luficer -- 9 Dec 2015 -- A group of ten met in Ellicott City for fresh-roasted coffee, dessert and exploration of various spiritual topics. Details
  • Thistle Mill at Ilchester, Md. -- 4 Nov 2015 -- Quick jaunt to site of infamous paperworks, spirit sightings, gruesome deaths, poisonous chemicals, strange goings-on, long dark interest. Numerous photos of the now demolished (and excavated) mill and surrounding area. Liz' rods were wildly communicative (as usual), this time with a spirit identifying itself as "BZZ". We wonder if this was the suicidal Robert Buzzard identified by Lonster in his investigations of the mill. See the old report in EGQ1

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